We are on the cusp of a transportation revolution in Illinois and I believe it could be a deciding factor in attracting more people to move here to build their lives, families, and businesses. We can attract last-mile electric delivery investment with smart state regulation, and promote more environmentally-friendly long haul transportation options with investments in our rail system. We desperately need to improve public transit, so it is more effective, safe and appealing to riders.  Decades of under-investment followed by the pandemic and changing ridership means we need to super-charge improvements, cleanliness and safety. We also need to go beyond our “hub-and-spoke” infrastructure, making Chicago the center of all regional transportation, and prioritize accessible and equitable infrastructure across all neighborhoods. Making transportation more green is extremely important, but we must ensure that these changes make our streets safer and keep cyclists and pedestrians safe. I want to promote bike, scooter, and pedestrian options across Illinois and the City of Chicago with real safety, like protected bike lanes to replace the ineffective “painted” bike lanes. I will work with colleagues, relevant agencies, and municipal authorities to set state standards via a statewide multimodal transportation plan so that all villages, towns, and cities can realize the benefits of design that encourages healthier lifestyles while keeping more people safe. An investment in transportation infrastructure across our state, one that comes with comprehensive and easy-to-access planning, would serve as another on a list of growing reasons for people to reconsider Illinois as an attractive option to live, work, and play.