One thing I have learned to say as a licensed therapist is “I can’t always change the world, but I can have an impact on my local community.” That idea is what got me involved with Personal PAC over a decade ago, and ironically it is where I may have done the most so far in my life to change the world. In Illinois, we have laws that protect access to abortion, reproductive services and funding for reproductive healthcare with government insurance programs because of the work I was a part of while on the board and then chair at Personal PAC. I was fortunate to work with leaders on this issue–like, Sen. Sara Feigenholtz, Rep Kelly Cassidy, Former Senator Heather Steans and Terry Cosgrove of Personal PAC–to move HB40 and the Reproductive Healthcare Act across the finish line. I have also been fortunate to work with leaders in the LGBTQ+ community, as a board member of  Equality Illinois, to fight for LGBTQ+ rights. At this time, I am specifically concerned with gender-affirming care and ensuring that all people get access to this treatment, in conjunction with their doctors and/or parents. Protecting Illinois abortion providers, and all healthcare professionals involved in gender-affirming care from criminality from state laws outside Illinois is an immediate priority as those laws proliferate across the county.  We can create state health infrastructure that attracts like-minded healthcare workers from all over this country to move here and operate without government interference. Furthermore, Illinois can stand as a beacon of reproductive freedom and LGBTQ+ rights in the Midwest, elevating Illinois as the best place to live if you want to control your right to love who you want, and make choices about your bodily autonomy.