Across the 13th house district, I have heard concerns about people’s ability to stay in their homes. I’ll happily join with my colleagues from the city caucus to overturn the state ban on municipal rent control, but we also need to do more at the state level to address regional housing trends and support our residents. We need stronger programs at the Illinois Housing Development Authority and more public awareness of funds available to keep people in their homes, and then we need to make sure that local programs have some form of oversight to prevent bureaucratic delays that have no clear accountability mechanism. We need to focus on folks who rent and how we can keep ancillary rent costs from rising if rent control is passed - restrictions on predatory brokerage fees or move-in fees - or any other way that people will try to evade the law. We also need to address the challenges facing long-term and senior homeowners in this community. I also believe we must prevent people from falling into the cycle of homelessness, and to interrupt that cycle for people currently suffering. COVID has enlarged the holes in our economic/housing system and shown where we need more targeted support and targeted funding. I’ll make sure that the state is an active participant in those conversations in municipalities across Illinois, including here in the city of Chicago.