Spending the last twenty years working as a mental health provider, I know there are many areas of our healthcare system in need of reform. I have seen time and again how my clients have been failed by the system without outside help or advocacy. My focus, if elected, will be to direct our state dollars to harm-reduction and prevention across all services. We also need to pass workplace safety measures for our healthcare workers and boost state spending to increase nursing, medical, and mental health education programs in order to attract a new generation of healthcare workers to Illinois. I believe we have to comprehensively study our healthcare infrastructure. Longtime healthcare deserts haven’t received full support and new gaps are opening up, particularly in obstetrics, at a time when our rates of maternal mortality – particularly for Black and brown pregnant people – are far too high. Our hospital systems need to be there for us and be held accountable if they are more focused on profits over patients. I have used Telehealth in my own therapy practice;  we need to make sure that patients can have access to the providers they trust, and that access needs to be supported by state regulations that make their jobs and licenses secure and accessible.