We are fortunate to have many climate champions in the Illinois legislature right now, and passing the Climate Energy Jobs Act was a good start to greening our state. We need to move quickly to address the next areas of major pollution–transportation and the building industry. We also need to always keep in mind environmental justice. In the General Assembly, I will work hard to fight for environmental justice across the city and state, particularly those who have borne the brunt of poor environmental stewardship. We don’t have to choose between economic benefit and environmental protection, and I will work with colleagues representing neighboring districts that are being sold that false choice. I’ll work on funding research and prevention of “forever chemicals” in our water and provide statewide relief for homeowners who invest in their homes to remove toxins and hazards. I believe our own Illinois EPA can lead the fight for a balanced ecosystem across our state. We need to invest in enforcement and regulation so that they can get ahead of some of our chronic violators. I will work to pass legislation that puts the burden of reversing the effects of climate change on the commercial creators of pollution, as individual consumer action can never fill the gap.