Education is a fundamental right, and fully funding Illinois’ public schools is the best way to give all the children of Illinois a quality education. Strides have been made to increase equitable funding, but we are not where we should be regarding equity, which hurts Chicago’s schools more than many other districts statewide.  I will support the upcoming first-ever elected Chicago school board to make sure that funding priorities are met and students receive the benefit of this new structure. I will work closely with our higher education commissions to make sure that there is a lifelong path of learning available in Illinois and make sure investment is there when people choose to begin to learn, whether that’s 5 or 50. With that in mind, fully funding early childhood education would be one of the best ways to invest in the long-term health and outcomes of children and our society as a whole. We also need more investment in higher education in Illinois to prevent the flight of college students to other states. I know we have a lot of structural changes to make in education, but I also will continue our statewide education equity funding and look to invest in all of our students.