As an operator of a small business that is licensed with the state, I can say that I love regulation designed to keep clients and consumers safe, but there has to be a kinder and more constructive way to regulate small businesses in Illinois. By creating social change and adopting transparent measures that allow for personal freedom, we are going to attract people to move to Illinois. I will work to make sure that as people move to Illinois, they can easily open a small business and integrate themselves into their community. I’ll work to streamline registration and licensing redundancies while never sacrificing the point of the regulation, which is to protect neighbors and friends from bad-faith operators. Furthermore, I will serve as a community liaison for people starting their own businesses and will keep relationships across and beyond the 13th district to make sure people have access to the tools needed to build economic success for themselves. I will work to empower our small business community, because a stable and independent small business community is more accountable to consumer preferences on environmental concerns, treatment of workers, and all of our other core Democratic workplace issues.